The current cost of becoming a member of the Co-operative and obtaining a standard water connection (for one private dwelling) is €2000.00 and €3000.00 for devolepment.  These charges are reviewed annually at the Annual General Meeting.  In addition to this there may be a contribution to be paid to Galway County Council for a road opening licence.  

All new applicants must complete a Membership Application Form which may be downloaded from this site.  Please note that both pages must be completed and returned with the appropriate fee and a site location map.

All connections are metered.  The domestic meters are read twice a year, at the start of July and January.  Bills are issued shortly afterwards to anyone that exceeds there allowance.  Each bill shows the usage for the half year and any outstanding charges for the previous bill(s).  The non-domestic sector are billed by Irish water.  Queries in relation to those bills should be addressed in the first instance to Irish Water at 1850 778778.

Each domestic user gets an annual free water allocation of 213 cubic meters.  Any use in excess of this amount is charged for.  Over 90% of our consumers use less than their free allowance.


Method of Payment - Payment can be made by:

A receipt will be issued for all payments made once the cheque has cleared or electronic payment is registered in our account.

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